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Self-Help Center Hours  

The Vermilion County Legal Self-Help Center is hosted by the public libraries located in Vermilion County. Please contact each library for their hours of operation.

Vermilion County Legal Information Self-Help Center Locations  

Getting a Divorce in Illinois  [Text Only Version] Guide Me
Information about how you can get a divorce, including automated forms

Getting Child Support  [Text Only Version] Guide Me
Explains the ways in which you can get child support, and the necessary forms and instructions

Which Protection Order Do I Need?
Interview guides a user to the appropriate order: order of protection, civil no contact order, or stalking no contact order.

I Am Being Sued for $10,000 or Less  [Text Only Version] Guide Me
This guide explains what you should do if you are being sued in small claims court.

My Landlord Is Trying to Evict Me  [Text Only Version] Guide Me
Explains when your landlord can evict you and the steps that the landlord must take before you can be ordered to move out

I Am Being Sued for Mortgage Foreclosure  [Text Only Version] Guide Me
Information on what to do if you receive a foreclosure lawsuit.

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Danville Public Library
319 North Vermilion St.
Danville, Illinois 61832
Danville Public Library Website

Hoopeston Public Library District
110 North 4th St.
Hoopeston, IL 60942
Hoopeston Public Library Website

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